How Do I Get THE BEST Longer lashes?

It’s fair to say that at Couture Aesthetics we LOVE science and nothing works as well as our specialist lash serum. Scientifically proven in clinical trials

The secret to longer, fuller and natural looking lashes…

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Thick, long, eyelashes have been heralded as a sign of beauty for many centuries and don’t we just love that feeling of fluttering eyelashes?  So desperately desired, artists were very busy (even in Egyptian times) augmenting eyelashes on works of art!  


The craze for long dark fluttering eyelashes has never gone away but the fashion has changed with the times.  Stick on lashes of the 70s have long passed us by and we are now in a far more elegant phase of individual eyelash extensions.  However these can be both expensive and time-consuming, requiring regular maintenance to keep them looking full.   Plus if you are like us (and despite how amazing they look) they are an absolute target for each one to be individually picked off! Yes, I know this is bad as it removes not just the extended lash but your own lash with it, but sadly does that stop you? 


Unfortunately as we get older our eyelashes can become shorter and thinner. This condition is called hypotrichosis of the eyelashes.  


There are a number of DIY options available to give illusion of longer, fuller lashes such as glue on strip lashes.  Shop bought remedies (vitamin serums, like Revitalash) can mildly improve the condition of the lashes, making them less susceptible to breakage and perhaps allowing them to grow a little bit longer.


However, the current options have proved to be inadequate at achieving the long, voluminous natural lashes that we all long after….  that is, until now!  Let’s bring science and beauty together.


The Secret is out


Prescription only eyelash serum.   We love them!!  Such serums (that can only be prescribed following a consultation with a medical professional) give a far better outcome than any of the other serums on the market.


The active ingredients were originally being used for treatment of glaucoma.  Incidentally the patients using these ingredients were noted to develop the most amazing eyelashes.  After being robustly tested in clinical trials, we saw the birth of the first medically supported, prescription only eyelash growth serum in USA.


Prescription only eyelash serums work by extending the growing cycle of the eyelash by about 25%.  Eyelashes usually have around a 6 week growth cycle before they will drop out and regrow.  The extension of the grow cycle means that the eyelashes are able to grow longer and thicker before the fall out.  They also increase in pigment so that your eyelashes grows darker.   The results can differ from person to person as the exact length of the growth cycle is individual to each of us.


We are really excited to be adding prescription only lash treatments to our treatment menu.   Just like all of treatments an initial consultation is essential so that you understand how the treatment works, what you can expect and that it is right for you.  Applying eyelash serum correctly is really important too so that you can get the best out of your care.


Pair this with a Lash Lift - Reveal your new longer, natural lashes in all their glory


Many people have forward or downward pointing lashes, which often hides the length of the lashes.  Many women use eyelash curlers to curl the lashes upwards and make them more visible (however this is temporary and time consuming). 


Let us recommend some amazing humans to you to do a lash lift and just see the results for yourselves!  By straightening your lashes upwards at the root and tinting them, a lash lift gives you the appearance of longer thicker lashes for 6 to 8 weeks.   No mascara, no messing, just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up. 




You can book you initial consultation online via Couture Aesthetics or and we will start you on your journey to longer lashes. 



Sharron Gordon