So what is the mesotherapy facial?  

A Mesotherapy facial is a particular technique designed to place products which stimulate collagen production in the mesoderm layer within the dermis.  

How is this done?  Products are placed within the skin using a high-tech micro needling device.   Don’t worry, a gentle anaesthetic is applied first and you feel very little!  Once the skin is cleaned the recommended products for you will be applied to the skin and the micro needling device used to push this project down into the mesoderm.  Products used can be  a mix of vitamins, enzymes or Protein Rich Plasma (PRP)

So what is used? There are three key but totally different products which can be used and could be recommended for you to have. 



Derma Roller v Dermapen

Derma Roller v Dermapen

The recommendation will be dependent on what you want to achieve and how your skin is.  From the Autumn we will be offering meso facials using;

  1. Hyaluronic acid which beautifully hydrates the skin and plumps out fine wrinkles. 
  2.  Vitamin Solutions to help improve the texture of the skin and boost collagen production and aid repair.  
  3. Finally a technique known as the vampire facial is the ‘no chemical’ approach.  A small sample of blood is taken, centrifuged to remove all the larger blood cells and then the clear liquid remaining (platelet rich plasma) or liquid gold as it is known. Is applied to the face and moved into the miso layer using micro needling device.  

The results of mesofacials are amazing.  Improving skin tone and texture and giving a gentle glow, fading wrinkles and lines, tightening the skin and treating scarring from acne or other damage.  This is a great treatment (about a week) before a big event but the best results are seen with courses of treatments and mixed with chemical peels.

As with all non surgical treatments you will have a full consultation first.  You will be asked about other medication and some medicines may need to be stopped or the dose adjusted before treatment.

Mesotherapy with Couture Aesthetics
Sharron Gordon