How does Chemical Exfoliation with AHAs help Skin Rejuvenation?

I am absolutely passionate about the ability that we all have to tweak our skincare to give our skin the most amazing boost and glow so that we NEVER look in the mirror and hate what we see. Of course this is not just about the superficial look but the integrity of the skin which allows us to age gracefully without skin sadness! Exfoliation is a key part of this and just as soon as I have finished playing with my new laser I will be back on my retinol PLUS AHA #glowing.

Victoria Hiscock is a lady I HUGELY admire. As the spokesperson for AlumierMDUk I was blessed to get the opportunity to talk to her in person (I was about as excited as anyone can be)!! “Lets’s make a video” she said!! So we did! Please enjoy listening to us in the kitchen, talking AHAs.

If this inspires you please do call or email for an appointment to discuss your skin care

Sharron Gordon