Can I Improve Acne and Acne Scarring with Chemical Peels and Laser Treatment

Where does 2 treatments and homecare take you….have a glance below at this change over 4 weeks…

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Great skin starts at any age


The skin you are born with is the skin you have for life. Whether oily, dry or combination, no amount of lotions and potions will change your DNA, but if you learn to love your skin and work with it’s likes and dislikes, rather than fighting against its symptoms and outbreaks, you can live a long, happy and beautiful life together.


Acne is a skin condition that’s very common for individuals with oily skin and affects many  people throughout their lives if the cause is not managed. The acne bacterium lives on everyone’s skin, and for some it will cause no problems at all. For those prone to spots, however, the build-up of oil creates an environment where the bacteria can multiply, which then leads to inflammation and spots spots.  Inflammed spots cause damage to the skin and may leave  post inflammatory pigmentation and acne scarring behind.


When we talk about acne many people have a stereotype in their minds, often of teenagers or young people with very problematic skin, but the variety of people who suffer and the effects they might see is far wider. Acne often rears its head in teenage skin  but millions of us get spots throughout our entire lives, and many people who think they just have oily skin or old acne scarring and work to cover it with make-up and products every day which can make the problem worse.  You  can see swift benefits by using effective treatment.


Acne and troublesome skin can be frustrating at best, and life altering at worst, but the good news is that it’s is completely manageable if you work with a professional to understand your skin and develop a unique plan of action that’s right for you. There is a solution


The treatment of acne, no matter how it presents itself, comes in two phases. First, you need to stop your skin producing the spots, which involves clearing your pores and removing the bacteria. Many washes and scrubs are available on the high street which promise to do this for you, but if you want to make a long term difference you need to get deep into your skin, and sadly many face washes just don’t work hard enough for that. Many clients come to us having had months of antibiotics or over the counter treatments which haven’t worked at all and sadly the NHS does not fund aesthetics treatments as a way of managing acne, however they are hugely effective.


The right combination of treatments over time will bring you the beautiful, glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of. Initially, chemical peels and specially selected topical skin products (those you apply to the skin) can exfoliate and clear your skin and will help to ‘switch off’ the spots. Washes based on salicylic acid are great, because they are one of the few acids where the molecules are small enough to get down into your pores and tackle the sebaceous glands, where the oil is produced.


Once we have spent some time working to stop the spots appearing, we can move onto treatment of any marks or scarring from the spots, where your skin may have dark patches or bumps. These include; chemical peels, micro needling and non ablative laser resurfacing which work together to tackle the post  inflammatory pigmentation of your skin and acne scarring. Bringing it back to an even tone,  colour and texture gradually by stimulating your cells into renewing themselves, producing new collagen and elastin fibres and giving you smoother, firmer and glowing, clear skin. These terms may sound scary but don’t worry when explained by a professional you will not be concerned as you are in safe hands. Maintaining hydration and maximising exfoliation also works magic at improving the skin texture over time


The market is flooded with medications, face washes, non-medical treatments and products to cover acne or create a short term affect, but the truth is that none of these tackle the underlying cause of the spots appearing in the first place, and so will never make the long term changes people really want to see. Every face is individual, and only by understanding the person, their skin, using the right combination of treatment and getting effective aftercare will you be able to achieve tangible results.


Problem skin is not something you have to live with or accept. Whatever your experience I guarantee there is a way to help you develop great daily routines that make a visible and lasting difference to your skin, and your happiness too.


After years of training on Harley Street, working with clients and within specialist services in the NHS, and  running my own business supporting many happy clients, I can truly deliver visible results that you’ll be delighted with. Skin problems can go far beyond the physical aesthetics, and often affect people’s confidence, self esteem and mental wellbeing. I want you to look in the mirror each day and delight in the beautiful person you are, and truly love the skin you are in.


If you want to know more about effective acne and spot treatment, or for an initial consultation, contact me and you can come for a visit to my clinic on the leafy outskirts of Winchester. Our consultation is the first step to achieving the skin you’ve always wanted.

Whether it’s your skin,your sisters skin, a teenage child’s skin, or a close friend there is no need to suffer in silence any more. Call me….




Sharron Gordon